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Re:Zero - Emilia Graceful Beauty ver. - Statue

Re:Zero - Emilia Graceful Beauty ver. - Statue

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Charming Emilia has arrived in an elegant traditional Chinese dress. Emilia from "Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World" has arrived in a refined Chinese dress. Wearing a styled dress and sitting at a desk decorated with ornaments . she is graceful in her gorgeous fur. Her smile that is gently covered by a fan . the line of her hair that spreads out smoothly . and the one shoe that she has taken off all come together to form an elegant yet slightly different atmosphere from the usual Emilia . making this item a gem to behold. The pedestal allows you to display Emilia along with the figure of Rem that is being released at the same time. Please enjoy this somewhat different Emilia.

  • Size: Approx. 9.4 inches High
  • Manufacturer: KADOKAWA
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